Web Forwarding

This section describes how to set the web forwarding.

Rule Definition

To set one entry for web forwarding, you can put the following information.

  • Protocol

    Specify HTTP or HTTPS.

  • Hostname

    This hostname is pointing ‘Host’ header of HTTP protocol or the name of SSL SNI extension for HTTPS protocol.


    Wildcard domain feature is supported as default. You can specify a complete single domain name or wildcard domain as follows for example:

    • www.somagu.org

    • *.somagu.org

      However please note that this wildcard domain rule applies to all sub domains but not somagu.org domain name.

  • Private Port

    Specify your private port. For most of cases, your web server listens on TCP port 80 or 443.

  • Label

    You can set any label name you’d like to use. This label name doesn’t affect to the web forwarding configuration.

Rule Management


Please click + (plus) icon to add new web forwarding rule.


Please click pencil icon to modify your rule


Please click bin icon to delete your rule.