How to login my box with SSH

How to login with default account

If your OS is created based on the OS template, each OS distribution has default account to access. For example, centos account is used for CentOS and ubuntu account is used for Ubuntu distribution.

Your temporary password is found at VPS configuration menu.

How to access as root

If your OS is created based on the OS template, please try to login with default account. To be root, you can use the following command:

$ sudo bash

How to access to SSH server of your VPS

Currently Somagu VPS doesn’t offer the public IP for each VPS and it’s working based on NAT (Network Address Translation). So to access your SSH server, you should set the port forwarding.

At this example we assume that we’re working on under the following environment:

  • Public IP to the router of VPS:
  • Private IP of your VPS:
  • SSH Server Port of your VPS: 22
  • Account to access via SSH: centos
  • Public Port for port forwarding: 8877

Let’s configuration!

  1. Please visit the configuration menu of VPS whose private IP is
  2. Please click ‘Setup’ and ‘Port Forwarding’ menu.
  3. Click “+ (plus) icon” and put the following information.
    • Public Port: 8877
    • Private Port: 22
    • Label: someone you’d like to use
  4. Then click ‘+’ button.

Now it’s time to access to SSH. Using SSH client, you can access your box with the following command:

$ ssh -p8877 centos@