How to install Windows


If you’re not familiar with Virtio drivers, please check link for details.

At somagu service, we’re using Virtio drivers to get better performance but it requires special drivers to install Windows. At least Windows needs two drivers:

  • Virtio Block driver (viostor)
  • Virtio Network driver (NetKVM)

At installation progress, virtio-win ISO is found at E:\ drive.


At somagu service, we’re providing ‘Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation’ only for evaluation purpose. If you’d like to use other Windows version, you should upload your ISO file.

‘Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation’ is found at:

  • Create VPS -> Custom VPS -> OS -> ISO Library


Can’t find the hard disk

Please try to install ‘Virtio Block driver (viostor)’ first found at your E:\ drive.

../../_images/win_disk_1.png ../../_images/win_disk_2.png ../../_images/win_disk_3.png

Can’t find the network driver

After installation, please try to install ‘Virtio Network driver (NetKVM)’ at your E:\ drive.

../../_images/win_net_1.png ../../_images/win_net_2.png ../../_images/win_net_3.png